Om Sri Sai Ram
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Om Sri Sai Ram
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Shirdi Sai Baba was an Indian guru, yogi and fakir who is regarded by his Hindu
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Aarti / Bhajans

Aarti | Bhajans

You can listen online artis and bhajans of Saibaba. If you do not have players to play it, kindly download from the link on bottom of the page. If you have any problem kindly let us know. If you come across any other bhajan or Sai related audio/video clips kindly let us know. We will put the link here for benefit of all devotees.


Aali Prasadachi Wat (1.9 MB)
Akra Vachan (3.64 MB)
Ananta Tula Re (2.96 MB)
Aarti Saibaba (3.89 MB)
Ata Swami (3.85 MB)
Ghoshna (742 KB)
Gurubrahma Guruvishnu (3.56 MB)
Hari Om (2.23 MB)
Jai Jai Sainath (4.40 MB)
Jap1 (3.10 MB)
Jap 2 (3.16 MB)
Kadhi Na Ruso (6.08 MB)
Lopaley (4.2 MB)
Ovaloo Aarati (2.86 MB)
Sada Satswarupam (5.09 MB)
Sai Digambara (2.22 MB)
Tuj Kay Magu (4.10 MB)
Om Namo Namayh Sai Chants (354Kb)
Note: “Please right click on the link and click “Save Target As” to save these files to your hard disk.”

Aarti | Bhajans

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