Om Sri Sai Ram
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Om Sri Sai Ram
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Shirdi Sai Baba was an Indian guru, yogi and fakir who is regarded by his Hindu
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Miracles Stories

Dictionary meaning of the word Miracle is something happening which is surreal and amazing. We know only the end result but the process remains beyond human comprehension. These are divine Miracles. Therefore, we narrate two incidents, which should confirm to the above definition in letter and spirit.

You are requested to the miracles stories that you may have experienced on your own, so that we can publishe it on this page.

A programmed of devotional funds by shri Manhav Udhas was organized by Saibaba trust Sola with the aim to raise newly Rs 4 lacks that was needed to complete the construction of the Temple.

A dedicated group of Sai devotes had made concerti's efforts to achieve the target and make the occasion a success. But the net amount left with us after deducting all relevant express was Rs 2 lacks (approx) only this had left everyone of us in a state of subdued spirits.

Well, Shri Manhav bhai regaled the audience with his melodious voice and enchanting renderings. When the closing hrs were slowly approaching, Manhav Bhai made an abrupt announcement urging the August gathering of devotees to contribute generously for the sacred cause – the completion of Sai temple and subsequently the purchase of Shri Baba's image. Shri Manhav Udhas himself began the process by donations Rs 5,000/- that led to showering of ---. In the ambience sum charged with devotional devotees responded profusely and within ten minutes the target of Rs 2 lacks was realized. This could not have been possible without Shri Baba's exceptional grace.

The process of construction of the temple had commenced but the approach road from highway was mainly an uneven dirt road that became a long patch of slippery mud rendering access to the temple very difficult during monsoon.

An estimated cost to lay a --- road was quotes in the vicinity of Rs 2 lacks But in view of the funds mainly diverted tower construction work, this proposition seemed most unlikely to consider.

But, one five day there was an unbelievable sight to behold – hordes of workers were busy laying the approach road that got completed in 5 days time. None of us had any road contractor to undertake the task owning to acute resource crunch.

Later the enquiry revealed that an A grade road contractor of state Govt was inspired & coaxed by divine grace to accomplish the job.

Note: You are requested to the miracles stories that you may have experienced on your own, so that we can publishe it on this page.

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